Saturday Cardinal Communication Programme

Autumn Term 2021

The group will run from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays over a term of 12 weeks for learners in the 7-13 year age group in London

As with all our groups, it will be led by a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and specialist teacher working together to provide holistic learning opportunities for each learner

Learning is fun and active. There will be sharing of news from the week which could be through words, pictures, videos or acting out, outside activities such as building a castle or a bridge, making lego, and playing games

The activities will depend upon the group’s interests and skills. Communication is at the heart of each activity as well as the development of numeracy and literacy skills

The group will cook lunch and eat with the team. The favourite foods of each learner will be incorporated into what we make and we will celebrate birthdays and other key occasions that are important to the group

As much as possible, activities will be outside and contributing to the local community will be part of the programme too. Learners can bring in tricky homework to ask for help

Parents will be offered the opportunity to meet each other over coffee should they wish

Learners’ progress will be monitored throughout the programme. At the end of the group sessions, parents will be provided with a report identifying progress and key areas to focus on that can be used to help in school

Admissions will be on the basis of providing support for those that will benefit from it most and learners will be grouped by age and stage

It is so exciting to think that a programme like this can exist.

Tanya Jamil

If you would like your child to join this group apply below

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